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You Know (Album Version)

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You Know is track 5 from the album P'dice.

Music written, composed and performed by Paul Cusick.
Drums: Marco Minnemann


(Can you hear me? I'm not just a memory)
See the man in his pin striped suit?
He looks just like me and you.
But he hears voices inside his head. (do it now)
A secret shame? What can he do? (talk to me)
A distant thought in a broken mind, hidden far from view.
(it's our secret)
If he confessed that he thinks they're real, would you show,
truly show him just how you feel?

On the inside (all in the mind) you know, you know.
(is that the way I feel?)
A shame that you hide, (no one else can hear me)
but you know, you won't show. (stand up for yourself)
To be told that you're deluded. (psychosis)
The things you see have never been.
A waking dream that questions who you are. (sleep now)
To include or preclude him?
To recognise or look away?
A judgement call you know you have to make.
(are all these things for real?)

And I hear the voices in my head, and they call to me. (hello)
Yes they call to me. (I'll always be here)
And I hear them crawling in my head, and they call to me,
as they crawl in me.

(can you hear me? why don't you listen to me?)
(don't turn round now)
Is that the way I feel? Are all these things for real? All in the mind.

I just want the voices to stop.