1. Everything

From the recording P'dice

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Everything is track 1 from the album P'dice.

Music written, composed and performed by Paul Cusick.
Drums: Marco Minnemann


You made me play with my new toys not my friends.
You told me they were different, make do and pretend.
But Johnny had a cardboard box for his home,
then moved up to a coffin where he never grew old.

You gave me everything I need.
Forget their hunger, feed my greed.
I've got much more than you.
There's nothing you can do to me.

Fast car, caviar, bank accounts, trendy bars, give me what I want, I pay cash, I don't believe in free.
Stop begging in the streets, stop getting in my face, get out of my way, I'm not a charity.
Life is good, living on cashback, isn't that the way to be?
So tell me why, inside, I don't feel like me?

I have everything you need.
To feed your hunger, starve my greed.
I've got much more than you.
Do you think you'd be happy if you were me?

Is this everything I need?
I'm sure there's something else that I can't see.
I've got so much more than you, so why am I so ashamed of me?

This means nothing to me.
Keep your trinkets and possessions, I need a new
obsession you can't see.
Everything is temporary, self inflicted complications, shackles of the mind that prison me.