1. Touch (GM Mix)

From the recording Focal Point (Album)

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Touch (GM Mix)

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Touch (GM Mix) is track 11 of Focal Point and is really a bonus track.

It features my good friend Alex "The Groove Monster" Cromarty. Groove Monster = GM

Alex played drums or all my songs and I absolutely love his drumming style. He is a world class drummer and eventually the world will know that.

It was impossible to decide between the version of Touch with Andy Edwards and the GM Mix so I picked both. Why not?

Both versions are great. Both versions inspire different moods. Neither deserved to be dropped. And the idea of selling another album with one extra bonus track seemed a bit "exploitable" to me.

Music written and composed by Paul Cusick.
Guitars, Keys, Vox & Programming: Paul Cusick
Drums: Alex "The Groove Monster" Cromarty
Additional Voices: Theresa Brindley, Helena Ferguson


I hear your voice on the answer phone
I said I’d call on my way home
I hope you’re in when I get there
To hold you close
To show I care

Hold you, hold you in my arms
Hold me, hold me in your arms
Hold you, want you, hold you in my arms
Hold me, want me, take me in your arms