1. Touch

From the recording Focal Point (Album)

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Track 6 From the Album Focal Point

This song started as a guitar riff in 7/8. The piano came next, then the story started to unfold while I was talking into the microphone very quietly.

The drums were added towards the end when I asked Andy Edwards (IQ / Kino / Frost*) to play. His runaway train drums were the icing on the cake, and I loved the voices and phone sounds as they weaved the story within the haunting soundscape.

Music written and composed by Paul Cusick.
Guitars, Keys, Vox & Programming: Paul Cusick
Drums: Andy Edwards
Additional Voices: Theresa Brindley, Helena Ferguson


I hear your voice on the answer phone
I said I’d call on my way home
I hope you’re in when I get there
To hold you close
To show I care

Hold you, hold you in my arms
Hold me, hold me in your arms
Hold you, want you, hold you in my arms
Hold me, want me, take me in your arms