1. Fade Away

From the recording Focal Point (Album)

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Fade Away

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Fade Away is track 3 from the album Focal Point.

This song was born from a dream about some games I used to play with my brother when we were small. We used to walk on this really big wall, trying to walk fast by outstretching our arms to maintain balance. As an adult I returned to that wall and it wasn't as tall as I remembered.

Music written and composed by Paul Cusick.
Guitars, Keys, Vox: Paul Cusick
Drums: Alex Cromarty


There’s a house where I once played
On a hill so far away
And the walls on which I climbed seem much smaller now

The memories slowly fade
Of the childhood games I played
I sit and watch my son and daughters growing taller day by day

Where are they now?
These memories
As I grow older they fade away

There’s a school where I once learned
That the big boys often burned
And some friends that I knew then
Would leave for distant lands and not return

And in my childhood dreams
The world was smaller than it seemed
The truth that comes to pass is that reality is here to last

Where are they now?
My dreams are memories
As I grow older they fade away.