1. Tears

From the recording P'dice

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Tears is track 4 from the album P'dice.

Music written, composed and performed by Paul Cusick.
Drums: Marco Minnemann


I know what you're thinking, though your face does not show.
A refuge for your feelings, you don't let me in, you don't let me know.
Torn between my heart and my pride, it's so sad when you cry.
Empathy is ignorance refuted.
Now I know, for I have tried.

Your tears taste like mine, inside we're all the same.
Your tears feel like mine inside.

Don't generalise everything that you see, don't put me in a box, don't try and label me.
Don't disregard everything I do.
I'm not another stranger, I'm just another you.
Would you listen to me?
I've got that ticking in my head.
What am I supposed to do?
Would you like to see me dead?
Would that make you feel better?
Would you kick me when I'm down?
Or am I madman's puppet or just a lonely clown?

Your tears taste like mine.
Inside we're all the same.
Your tears feel like mine.
Inside we're all the same.
Your tears flow like mine.
Inside we're all the same.
Your tears dry like mine.

Don't generalise everyone that you see, don't put them in a box, don't label them with me.
Don't disregard everything they do.
There's clear and present dangers and there's kindness meant for you.
Please listen to me, I'm begging you please, what am I meant to do?
I'm crying on my knees.
I want to make things better, where did I go so wrong?
Forgive me for my crimes I just can't go on.

Your tears taste the same as mine.