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Paul Cusick is a multi-musician from the U.K, he released his debut "Focal point" in 2009 and managed to get 500 pre-orders for his next album from fans helping to finance his music, which is a really nice gesture and a great way to support an artist. Paul´s influences come from songbased progrock with artists like Porcupine Tree, Marillion and Pink Floyd but also epic pop like Coldplay and U2. Even though his new album "P´dice" (the title is Paul´s play with the word prejudice) is 1 hour long, it doesn´t feel lengthy mostly because of the variation in the songstructures and many songs are rich of nuances plus I like Paul´s gentle melodies. Perhaps the production is a bit light but it works, close your eyes and daydream to "Hindsight" or mindtravel majestic to the grande "Borderlines". There´s no doubt, Paul Cusick is a talented artist. The album features guest appearances from drum legends Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) and Marco Minnemann (U.K).

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