This is track 10 from the album Focal Point and is really the closing track. I wrote this song for my Dad when he was very poorly and spent his final years in and out of hospital.

This song was originally recorded in a more contemporary style with the fantastic vocals of a good friend of mine, Marc Atkinson. The original version I gave to my Dad and he loved it.

Later it was played a his funeral.

I could not bring myself to put the original version on this album so I re-recorded it.

It was / is a hard song for me to sing or even listen to and again I was not sure whether it should have been included in the album. However I received a few emails from people who were going through, or had been through, a similar experience with someone close to them. These messages made me realise that this song was moving people and, in some way, bringing comfort to those in sadder times.

It's a heartfelt song, it's my Dad's song.


“Hello how ya doing?” I know what you’re going to say.
“I’m fine, could be better. Pull up a chair let’s talk about the weather”
I know how you’re feeling, I don’t need the words to see inside
the pain behind your pride, you always try to hide.
When you’re feeling down I’ll be around, I’ll always be beside you.
If you could read my mind you will find
a love that’s there just for you.

“Hello, how’s it going?
I’ve brought you some cards to wish you well, from those you know.
“Pull up a chair, let’s talk like we’ve got nowhere to go”.
And when you’re sleeping,
please know the hearts you hold within your dreams
always understand more than it first seems.
When you’re feeling down, we’ll be around, we’re always there beside you.
When you’re feeling fine, we’ll keep in mind
the times we had without you.

“So long, must be going”.
If I could I’d want to stay and sit here by your side,
and make this go away.

“See you tomorrow”.
Same time, same place, just a different day
when we will talk around the things we do not say

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