Riff For The Day #2 and #3 plus a middle finger for Steinberg


Here's Riff for the day number 2 and 3. Apologies for clumping them together but I upload to youtube and then paste to this blog and sometimes I forget. So please jump over to my youtube channel and subscribe.

RFTD #3 is not so much a file from an archive, but a little improvisation to test out a new piece of studio equipment.

But first a dig at hardware and software developers. Stop updating stuff.

Today's riff was jammed after I'd spend literally days trying to solve a recording issue. The bottom line being my Steinberg MR816 CSX audio card was not behaving. Too many drop outs. Nothing to do with the unit but it uses firewire and for some reason I've struggled to get it to behave with new drivers etc so I gave up.

After much reading around I think it's because Windows have stopped supporting firewire drivers. Third parties could provide them but I guess they can't be arsed.

So I've swapped out my audio interface for a Focusrite Clarett 8Pre USB (Yes the clues is in the name) USB... should be supported for a few more years....

So now I can get back to recording audio etc.


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