Riff For The Day #1

Riff for the day #1. Recorded in March 2010.

Over the years I've used my phone to capture musical ideas. They spend a little time on my phone but are eventually backed up onto memory cards or hard drives. Some mysteriously appear in the cloud? Spooky.

Anyway during the C19 "stay at home" I decided to do an experiment. The premise is simple...

Gather all the musical ideas together and review them for use in future tracks. Simple: Find them then index them.

Stage one is complete and I've found over 700 clips.

Stage two, indexing them, is the boring bit. It's a horrible job but someone has to do it.

I've even worked out a file name structure which is composed of several parts. Yes I know.., how rock and roll is that? I'm just living on the edge here... 

My Aide Memoire is something like this...


A= Beats per minute rounded to the nearest 5 bpm.
B= Time signature e.g. 7/8 or 4/4 etc.
C= Code for content G=Guitar / K=Keys / V=Vocal.
D= Code that gives me an idea of what or who it sounds like e.g. PF= Pink Floyd, LZ= Led Zep or even Q6 if I think it sounds like me.
E= Mood e.g. Happy, Sad, Melancholic, Angry, Upbeat (Who needs a therapist?)

A case in point would be: 80bpm-3_4-GV-PF-Sad.mov

I will try and upload a riff every few days. They will be unedited, raw captures of my muse at that time.

Clips will be of three types:

1: Demos of songs from previous albums.
2: Random samples of my muse.
3: Demos of work that will appear in upcoming releases.

I'll leave you to determine which is which?

Join me over on youtube and leave your comments. I may use youtube stats to guide my choice of content for future tracks.


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