Procrastination is the thief but time will tell

OK so some new gear is in the studio, and the website has been updated but I'm faffing. We all do it.... Think I have another cup of tea....

But there are seriously some things I need to get done in my real job. So if your visiting and think the website looks fresh then great, but please bear with the music is a little way off.

However while I rebuilt this website it was surprising just how many places I could find my music. I added a few in the contact section but gave up adding them all. We all leave digital fingerprints but it's quite shocking just how many we build up over time.  I think I won't be updating third party sites going forward other than my own official site. It all takes up too much time and I want to get back into my music the same way I started.

For those of you who found me before Focal Point you'll remember I had a myspace account and uploaded some demos for a laugh. It was fun and I want it to be fun again.

So that's all for now I just thought I'd say hello and "Watch this space"

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