P'dice Awarded 5 Stars @ Sea Of Tranqulity

Paul (Q) Cusick returns early 2012 with his second album entitled P'dice. In Paul's own words P'dice is "short for prejudice" or like it says in the booklet, "The Personal Possession Of A Random Prejudice".
Prejudice is something we all are guilty of in one way or another, at least enough to inspire one of Britain's finest multi instrumentalists in making this album.

As with the first album Focal Point, Paul has done most of the work himself. Writing the lyrics and music, producing and mixing. In recording the drums Paul has had the help of two of the worlds most famous drummers, Marco Minnemann and Gavin Harrison. Both excellent musicians therefore a perfect fit with Paul.
Producing an album these days is very very difficult. To ensure the making of the album, Paul has asked his fans to help create the album. In helping him they could earn themselves a spot on the album sleeve. Looking at page two of the booklet he has a lot of fans.

On to the music because that is what the review is for. With Focal Point Q surprised us all, with his fine blend of emotional and melodic rock music. Placing Q's music is difficult. At first glance at all the tracks one learns that the musical genre is wide. Rock music in optima forma, you could call it progressive rock, emo rock, melodramatic rock. I don't know. I for one place his music in the progressive zone.

All tracks are blessed with a fine melody lines, and all of the songs are very well crafted. 10 tracks long nearly an hours worth of music. The album kicks off with a track appropriately entitled "Everything", from the start this track is rocking all over the place, instantly grabbing the listener, sitting in his chair saying "I want more" and you'll get more. In the next song Q replaces "rock, paper, scissors" with "God, Paper, Scissors". Thus making his own version of this "game" . Musically the theme reaches out to fellow dramatic songwriters from the past. Lots of influences of the old '70's great rock stars. Next up is the longest track on the album. Emphasising that Paul is very capable writer, "Borderlines" takes us on a trip through musical time and space. Influences of the great music by Vander Graaf Generator or Porcupine Tree or Genesis, just name any of the big stars from the past. In no way does Paul copy what they have done, on the contrary he uses his own sound and writing. The influences are only there in the way of the feel of the songs. Majestic, true music how music is supposed to sound, in my opinion. Not detailing too much, the whole album like I have said already is full of these excellent songs.
Is this P'dice or just my opinion, you tell me. I think it's a tremendously fabulous album. Well Done Paul.
The Dice of Life – P'dice
5 Stars - Gert Hulshof

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