Hello and welcome to my world.

Welcome to my website which is mainly about my music. I'm an independent musician who writes, records and produces songs which I hope bring enjoyment to others.

It's been a few years since my latest release, but 2021 sees my return to recording. I've never actually stopped writing for my own pleasure but for several reasons, I've struggled to find the time to record and release new music.

You'll find links to my previous albums, demos and random stuff all over this web page. 

To follow the progress on new music I post on a few social sites.

TikTok for quick video capture. Facebook for thoughts and other stuff. Youtube for more in depth videos. Things are also shared across instagram and twitter. Content is often duplicated so choose your social poison and keep in touch.


Demos And Previews




This is track 10 from the album Focal Point and is really the closing track. I wrote this song for my Dad when he was very poorly and spent his final years in and out of hospital.

This song was…

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Hold On

The main piano riff came from a song I wrote called "Still it rains" but after witnessing the Tsunami tragedy on TV on boxing day 2004 the song became "Hold On".

That Tsunami left 230,000 people dead or missing and…

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Big Cars

Big Cars is track 8 on the album Focal Point.

Nothing too deep and meaningful here but I do like to drive and I hate traffic jams. The inside of a car can be a great place to be or…

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Senza Tempo

Senza tempo is track 7 from the album Focal Point. Senza tempo is the second instrumental on the album and its name is derived from the musical term "Without Tempo".

The guitar was recorded in one take during a 30…

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 This song started as a guitar riff in 7/8. The piano came next, then the story started to unfold while I was talking into the microphone very quietly.

The drums were added towards the end when I asked Andy Edwards…

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