Welcome to my website which is mainly about my music. I'm an independent UK musician who writes, records and produces songs which I hope connect with like minded people.

Although it's been almost 10 years since my last album release in 2012, 2021 brings a return to my releasing new tracks.

I've never actually stopped writing and recording for my own pleasure but for several reasons, I've struggled to develop tracks past the demo stage.

During Covid lockdown I had time to gather up all my old demos and various other recorded ideas scattered on old hard drives and phones. The result; I found over 800 recordings consisting riffs, vocal ideas, lyrics and beats. Many of which I don't remember recording, so now they sound fresh to me. It's kind of an out of body experience listening to cool guitar riff that you can't remember recording. Conversely some ideas don't sound so cool ;o)

I've been through all the recordings and organised them all with the intention of releasing new tracks. Some are tracks that were missed from previous albums. Some are tracks that I was submitting to music libraries, but most are those I captured when I'm just jamming with myself.

I've also discovered that the music industry and technology has evolved since the release of my first two albums and it is now easier and cheaper to release music than at any time in history. So going forward I will be releasing digital singles on streaming platforms and digital downloads via Bandcamp.

If the demand arises for CD or Vinyl album then I'll create those based on fan demand.

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latest release

Grey Skies

Paul Cusick

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Grey Skies

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Ambient dark instrumental written on a rainy day. Artwork is a photo I took on Filey Beach.

Single Release Date: 26th April 2021.

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